Transforming gene therapy through the discovery and detection of complex genetic changes

Direct, Definitive Genomics

single-cell innovative solutions for the discovery, evaluation, and characterization of gene editing, chromosomal rearrangements, and structural variations for cell and gene therapy scientists


our Pinpoint FISH™ probes have the brightest signals and lowest background making chromosome numeration easy and detection highly visible using our robust FISH DNA probes


Superior Assay Services

with directional Genome Hybridization™ and Pinpoint FISH™ technologies you receive superior detection and quantifiable evaluation data using our robust assay services and world class quality control


Cell and Gene Therapies, Gene Editing, Oncology Studies, Radiation Biodosimetry

products and assay solutions for applications using cell and gene therapy, gene editing, oncology studies, and radiation biodosimetry

KromaTiD News

Essential, unique tools for discovery, detection and quantification of genomic structural variations