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single-cell innovative solutions for the discovery detection and quantification of genomic structural variations for gene and cell therapy researchers.

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Unidirectional dGH probes

Targeted tracking of transgenes as small as 2kb

Insertional copy number and distribution in heterogeneous cell populations

Detects structural variations in off target effects of CRISPR/Cas9

Unidirectional dGH probes

Unbiased, whole-genome assessment of all structural rearrangements

10x improvement in resolution over G-banding

3x the relative signal and resolution compared to BAC FISH

Repeat free

Detect targets as small as 2kb

Traditional G-banding and karyotyping analysis

Gold standard structural rearrangement detection


kromatid gene editing

Cellular Engineering

Monitoring Cellular Engineering Outcomes

On/Off Target Effects

Orthogonal Data for Sequencing

Variant Discovery

Genomic Stability Assessment


Single-Cell Analysis

Complex Variation

Fusion Genes

Kromatid radiation biodosimetry

Radiation Biodosimetry

directional Genome Hybridization (dGH)

Structural Rearrangements



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