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Direct, Definitive Genomics

Plasmid Manufacturing

Custom plasmids with fast turnaround.

dGH in-Site™ CAR-T Kit

Location and sequence in a single test.

Plasmid Preps

3 easy transfection grade plasmids.

Biomarker Discovery, Genomic Modification and DNA Delivery

Through expert scientific support and unparalleled genomics tools and services, KromaTiD is helping research teams in academia, pharma and biopharma accelerate delivery of novel therapeutics to the patients who need them. Let us be your partner for biomarker discovery, genotoxicity studies, genome-editing screens and plasmid manufacturing.

Single-Cell Genomic Assays: Products and Services

From plasmid manufacturing to single-cell assessment of genome edits, KromaTiD products and services help researchers in academia and biopharma develop novel therapeutics.  Our patented directional Genomic Hybridization™ (dGH™) technology provides superior, unbiased assay results for identification of CRISPR/Cas on/off targets, genomic structural variants and stability. KromaTiD can provide end-to-end services or use our dGH kits to analyze cell samples in your own lab.

FISH Probes and Services

KromaTiD’s next-level fluorescence in situ hybridization probes and services provide robust, easily enumerable fluorescent signals with high signal-to-noise ratios, enabling you to optimize your traditional FISH assays. Our tools allow researchers to expand beyond the capabilities of conventional FISH probes to detect smaller targets and design ultra-high specificity tests.

Research Services

We provide research services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in life sciences. Our expertise in cell culture and G-banding analysis gives you back precious time and resources to focus on other critical research questions.

KromaTiD News

Essential, unique tools for discovery, detection and quantification of genomic structural variations


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