Transforming gene therapy through the discovery and detection of complex genetic changes

Direct, Definitive Genomics

KromaTiD supports research teams in academia, large pharmaceutical, and therapeutic companies with expert scientific support and unparalleled genomics tools and services. We are your partner for biomarker discovery, genotoxicity studies, clone screening assessment of editing-associated errors, and plasmid manufacturing.


KromaTiD’s suite of next-level molecular tools produce robust, easily enumerable fluorescent signals enabling you to optimize your traditional FISH process. Our patented directional Genomic Hybridization™ technology provides superior assays, and by utilizing our preparation method, you can now prepare the cells in your lab.


KromaTiD’s service offerings put patented directional Genomic Hybridization™ technology at your disposal to generate data that’s out of reach of other platforms. Our experts collaborate with your team do design the assay, vet the data and back the results with orthogonal testing like traditional G-banded karyotyping. Plasmid manufacturing and cell culture services are supplied economically, with a fast turnaround in order to complete your crucial research projects.


Whether your research involves gene editing, cell and gene therapeutics, new oncology treatment strategies, or seeking a state-of-the-art approach to biodosimetry, KromaTiD offers a customizable set of services backed by an expert science team ready to collaborate with you, and unparalleled molecular tools to rival that of our competitors.

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Essential, unique tools for discovery, detection and quantification of genomic structural variations