KromaTiD Appoints Tebu-Bio as European Distributor

FORT COLLINS, CO (February 9, 2015) – KromaTiD, Inc. is pleased to announce that is partnering with tebu-bio for distribution of its proprietary dGH™ and Pinpoint FISH™ products and services throughout Europe. Headquartered in France, tebu-bio has offices in nine European countries and specializes in supplying innovative life science products and services to the European market.

“tebu-bio is excited to add KromaTiD products and services to its growing portfolio of products in the fields of genomics and biomarker discovery. KromaTiD’s ability to quickly design and produce custom assays for nearly any chromosomal rearrangement is an innovation that will generate a great deal of interest from our European pharmaceutical customers. This kind of visible-to-the-eye result is complementary to DNA sequencing results that require complex bioinformatics analyses “, says Mark Livingstone, Ph.D., M.B.A, Head of the Molecular Biology at tebu-bio.

Based on a proprietary chromatid-specific imaging platform, directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH™) assays are the only imaging assays capable of determining DNA sequence, location and orientation data in a single test.  With these three dimensions of high-resolution data, dGH assays are unique in their ability to detect the widest range of disease-causing genetic rearrangements, including chromosomal inversions and chromosomal translocations—mutations usually missed by other genomic tools, including today’s advanced sequencing technologies.

“We are excited to expand our reach into the European market with a very capable partner. tebu-bio has been successful in selling and marketing genomics products and services in Europe and we believe that they are an excellent fit for us,” says Alex Vodenlich, KromaTiD’s Chief Executive Officer.

KromaTiD’s commercial offering includes kits & assays for detecting known mutations and for discovering new disease-causing mutations, custom assays for tracking rearrangements to genes and for validating results from sequencing and arrays. KromaTiD also offers it customers affordable assay and sample processing services that deliver high quality data in a timely fashion.

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KromaTiD, Inc.

KromaTiD, Inc. is a Colorado-based bioscience company dedicated to creating new products for genetic disease research, mutation detection and chromosome analysis. KromaTiD’s patented directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH™) chromosome imaging platform provides disease researchers with the ability to detect all types of DNA rearrangements including previously undetectable classes of mutations. KromaTiD develops and markets dGH technology under license from Colorado State University.


tebu-bio is a pan-European company with 9 local offices throughout Europe, specialized in supplying innovative life science products and laboratory services to pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research institutes. Established in 1953, tebu-bio offers a unique range of research reagents from carefully selected, specialized, world-renowned sources, and for the past 10 years tebu-bio’s own laboratories operating in France provide researchers with an ever-growing offer of standard or custom lab products and services.