G-Band Karyotyping Services

G-Band Karyotyping research services to support your pipeline therapy, from early research to pivotal batch analysis.

Kromatid G Banding

Above Fig.: G-banding analysis performed on GM24385 “Genome in a Bottle” cell line detects a gross rearrangement of chromosome 16 (circled).

Chromosomal Analysis using G-Band Karyotyping as a Research Method for your Cells.

Visualize and analyze the chromosomes and identify structural and numerical abnormalities using our Standard G-Band Karyotyping.

KromaTiD’s Standard G-Band Karyotyping QC Research Services Feature:

  • Karyotyping of your cell lines for genomic stability and assessment.
  • Culture development is available for NK Cells, iPSCs, T-Cells, and whole blood.
  • Metaphase harvest and slide preparation for various cell types is available.
  • Track chromosomal changes, detect inversions, translocations and aneuploidy.
  • Standard karyotyping report includes images (karyograms) for events that are part of the final sample karyotype.
  • KromaTiD provides high cell count G-banding from 20-100+ cells
  • Genomic Integrity G-Band Karyotyping : Develop a study plan with KromaTiD to use our assay for pivotal batch analysis starting 100+ cells.  
  • dGH SCREEN™ : View genetic stability and genomic integrity using this high-resolution 5-color whole genome assay.

G-Banding allows you to quantify chromosomal abnormalities with our expert cytogeneticist scoring.

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*Complex Cell Type includes those, such as cancer cell lines, which are likely to have complex structural rearrangements, abnormal modal numbers, and potential instability creating highly variable karyotype from cell to cell.