CAR-T cell
dGH in-Site™ CAR-T Probes

dGH in-Site™ is an in situ hybridization single-stranded DNA probe used to detect on- and off- target effects of your cellular editing regardless of method. Use KromaTiD’s dGH™ probes to identify toxicity in your CAR-T Cell preclinical therapies.

Track cellular engineering outcomes on your CAR-T Cell therapy targets and customize your assays by multiplexing with our kit and a la carte dGH gene probes.

dGH data enables detection of low-level abnormalities missed in sequencing data from pooled DNA samples, and provides data orthogonal and complementary to sequencing and G-banding.  dGH is able to detect smaller inversions than FISH, and provides you with a comprehensive data set for your cellular engineering methods to provide genomic safety and stability data for analysis.

Key features of dGH™ technology:

  • High signal-to-noise ratio boosts scoring confidence and efficiency
  • Cell preparation yields single-stranded metaphase chromosomes
  • Single-stranded fluorescent probes provide direct visualization of editing outcomes including orientation and balanced/unbalanced structural variants
  • Ultra-high resolution, as low as 2 Kb
dGH Probe
Cat. No.
Excitation/Emission (nm)
B2M DGHP-002-C 6-FAM / Spectrum Green 490 / 525
Atto550 / Spectrum Orange 555 / 576
TRAC DGHP-001-B Texas Red 595 / 620
CD19 Endogenous DGHP-005-D Atto643 / 647 / Cy5 643 / 669
Custom dGH™ in-Site Probe DGH-007 Inquire Inquire

Mix and match the probes from this table to build your own kit and get Bundle pricing on everything you need to run the assay. Use our chat box to ask our tech support for help!

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Product Locus Product Contents Price Quantity Add to Cart
dGH in-Site™ CAR-T Probe Kit 1
Track edits to CAR loci, pre- and post-genome editing.
dGH™ Probe TRAC TexRed
dGH™ Probe B2M 6-FAM/Spectrum Green
dGH™ Standard Hybridization Buffer
dGH in-Site™ CAR-T Probe Kit 1 Bundle
Track edits to CAR loci, pre- and post-genome editing. Contains additional reagents required to prepare cells for dGH probe hybridization.
dGH™ Probe TRAC TexRed
dGH™ Probe B2M 6-FAM/Spectrum Green
dGH™ Standard Hybridization Buffer
dGH™ Cell Prep Reagent 250 µL
Demecolcine Solution 2.5 ml
dGH™ Image Analysis Support
dGH™ Gene Probe TRAC  (10 Tests)
dGH in-Site™ Probe TRAC TexRed
dGH™ Gene Probe PDCD1 (10 Tests)
dGH in-SIte™ Gene Probe PDCD1 ATTO550/Spectrum Orange
dGH™ Gene Probe B2M (10 Tests)
dGH in-Site™ Gene Probe B2M 6-FAM/Spectrum Green
dGH™ Gene Probe CIITA (10 Tests)
dGH in-Site™ Probe CIITA (16p13.13) ATTO550/Spectrum Orange
dGH in-Site™ Custom Probe Production: CUSTOM probe
Design and verification of a custom probe
dGH™ Gene Probe Endogenous CD19 (10 Tests)
dGH in-Site™ CD19 Mock Gene Insert ATTO643/647/Cy5
Colcemid™ solution 2.5 mL
Demecolcine solution 2.5 mL (Synonyms: Colcemid™ solution, N-Deacetyl-N-methylcolchicine solution) Price per unit $10.00
dGH™ Cell Prep Additive - 250 µl
Enough reagent to culture 8 samples in triplicate T25 flasks or 4 samples in triplicate T75 flasks
dGH in-Site™ Training: Basics of Image Analysis
dGH in-Site Kit Analysis by Kromatid / White Glove Training