Subtelomere dGH in-Site™ Probes

Strand orientation data for telomere research and studies.

Superior Detection of Terminal Deletions and Rearrangements for Telomere Studies.

KromaTiD’s bioinformatics driven design of unique single-stranded synthetic probes with strand-specific hybridization is the only genomics approach capable of detecting DNA sequence, location and orientation in a single test.

The dGH platform differs from traditional FISH as a result of its unique chromosomal preparation technique. Analog nucleotide incorporation during the DNA replication phase of the cell cycle enables exonuclease daughter strand degradation that leaves dGH prepped chromosomes single-stranded. While the preparation conditions differ, dGH does not require additional laboratory equipment. dGH probes can be visualized using standard FISH equipment and fluorescence microscopes found in many labs, making visualization and analysis as simple as possible.

dGH subtelomere probes enable researchers to generate strand-specific orientation data. Add subtelomere probes to your experiment as reference signals and detect terminal deletions and other rearrangements impacting the target locus with robust signals.

Gain Insight into Genomic Stability using Subtelomere Probes

Subtelomeres are regions located near the ends of chromosomes and are crucial for maintaining genomic stability. Instability or abnormalities in these regions can lead to chromosomal rearrangements, deletions, or duplications, which are often associated with genetic disorders and diseases.

Chromosome 4q abnormalities, including deletions or duplications involving the subtelomeric region of chromosome 4q, have been linked to various genetic disorders and syndromes. For instance, deletions in the subtelomeric region of chromosome 4q can result in Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, characterized by developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and distinct facial features. Understanding the structure and function of subtelomeres in chromosome 4q is critical for elucidating the underlying mechanisms of such disorders.

*For use in metaphase fixed with 3:1 MeOH:Acetic acid.

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