Custom & Predesigned Oligonucleotide Probes

Customize your assays using our custom oligo probes for any published genome.

Above Fig.: Custom Pinpoint FISH™ boar pancep.

KromaTiD’s custom oligonucleotide probes and predesigned probes for common targets for any published genome.

Synthetic oligonucleotide probes are bioinformatically designed by our expert scientists and provide high specificity with low background for superior detection for your unique assay.

Custom Pinpoint FISH Probes

Rather than choosing from a BAC Library, our bioinformatics tools ensure accuracy and efficiency in crafting sequences tailored to your specific requirements and special targets tailored to your assay needs.

Custom dGH in-Site™ Probes

Small inversions within 2kb can be seen with our custom in-site probes, designed for your specific gene and/or sequence of interest.

Bioinformatics Expertise

Our dedicated team of bioinformatics specialists stand ready to support your oligonucleotide design needs. Backed by advanced algorithms and industry expertise, we ensure the success of your projects. Learn more about our bioinformatics services and how we can enhance the efficiency of your research.

Above Fig.: TP53/Cep 17 probe (aqua label).

Predesigned Oligonucleotide Probes

Explore our extensive catalog of predesigned DNA oligonucleotide probes, thoughtfully created for various applications. Browse through a diverse range of sequences optimized for common targets, saving you time without compromising on quality. Elevate your experiments with our ready-to-use solutions.

Browse Predesigned Catalog:

FISH Subcentromeres

FISH Subtelomeres

dGH Subcentromeres

dGH Subtelomeres

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PPF-011 Custom Probe Production: Design and Verification of Custom Probes Inquire
PPF-002 T-Cell Culture Development: Thaw, Recovery, and Harvest Optimization $1,209
PPF-014 T-Cell Metaphase Prep and Harvest $1,209
PPF-007 IPSC Cell Culture Development: Thaw, Recovery, and Harvest Optimization $1,344
PPF-012 IPSC Metaphase Prep and Harvest $1,344
PPF-009 Whole Blood Culture Development: Thaw, Recovery, and Harvest Optimization $739
PPF-013 Whole Blood Metaphase Prep and Harvest $739
PPF-017 NK Cell Culture Development: Thaw, Recovery, and Harvest Optimization $1,209
PPF-016 NK Cells Metaphase Prep and Harvest $1,209