Cell Culture Services
Cell Culture Services

KromaTiD offers cell culture services for IPSC, T-Cells, Adherent and Suspended Cell lines, and Whole Blood.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Cell Lines: KromaTiD’s Comprehensive Services

When it comes to your vital cell-based research, the ability to maintain, assess, and utilize your cell lines effectively is paramount. At KromaTiD, we’re here to handle the essential elements, allowing you to focus on the answers to your most pressing research questions. Our suite of services covers everything from cell growth and viability assessments to DNA isolation, mycoplasma testing, and metaphase preparation and harvest. Trust us to take care of these critical tasks, while you explore the profound insights your research demands.

Service Highlights

Cell Line Management:

  • We provide comprehensive support for your cell lines, offering growth, expansion, isolation, and rigorous quality control at various scales. Whether you’re starting from your own cell lines or providing us with blood samples, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our services encompass the recovery of cultures from cryopreservation and the assessment of cell viability, ensuring your experiments begin with healthy cells.

Metaphase Preparation:

  • Our expertise extends to preparing cells for metaphase analysis, a crucial step in understanding chromosome stability and cell health. We employ colcemid-induced cell arrest and subsequent harvest and fixation, making the cells ready for various applications, including immunostaining.

DNA Isolation:

  • DNA isolation is a meticulous process, and we handle it with precision. Our services break cells to extract DNA, carefully separate proteins and other cellular debris, precipitate and clean DNA, and confirm its quality.

Cell Quality Control:

  • Maintaining cell quality is paramount, and our quality control services excel in the identification and counting of cells. We go the extra mile by distinguishing between dead and living cells to ensure the integrity of your experiments.

Viability Assessment:

  • Determining cell viability is a multifaceted task, and we have the tools to do it right. We measure ATP levels, assess the ability to reduce substrates, and detect enzymatic/protease activities unique to living cells.

Growth Rate Determination:

  • Knowing the growth rate of your cells is essential for maintaining precise control over your experiments. It reflects the dynamic behavior of microorganisms and is a vital parameter for successful research.

Mycoplasma Testing:

  • Mycoplasma contamination can jeopardize your research. Our routine testing methods, including direct growth on broth/agar, specific DNA staining, PCR, ELISA, RNA labeling, and enzymatic procedures, ensure your cell lines remain mycoplasma-free.

At KromaTiD, we understand the critical role cell lines play in your research, and we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support to make your experiments a success. With our services, your cell lines will thrive, and you can concentrate on the discoveries that matter most. Trust KromaTiD for superior cell line management and the assurance of data integrity in your research endeavors.

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SER-001 Adherent & Suspended Cell Lines  (5 samples) $2,544
SER-002 T-Cell Culture $1,788
SER-003 iPSC Cell Culture $1,925
SER-004 Whole Blood Cell Culture $1,375
SER-005 Health & Viability Assessment Culture $1,000
SER-006 DNA Isolation from Cell Culture $1,500
SER-007 Metaphase Preparation on Slides $1,125
SER-008 Metaphase Spread Preparation from High Res Chromosomes $1,196
SER-009 Mycoplasma Testing for Cell Culture Service $500
SER-010 Growth Rate Assessment $2,500