Cell Culture Services
Cell Culture Services

KromaTiD offers cell culture services for iSPC, T-Cells, Adherent and Suspended Cell lines, and Whole Blood. Cell growth and viability assessments can be determined, along with handling DNA isolation, mycoplasma testing and metaphase prep and harvest. Let KromaTiD do the work while you find the answers to your most important research questions.

Services Outline

  • Cell line growth, expansion, isolation and quality control of cells at various scales, starting from your cell lines or blood provided to us.
  • Includes recovery of the culture from cryopreservation, assessment of cell viability
  • At or above 50%, doubling cell count, which will influence the yields that are determined by ending cell viability and assessment.

Metaphase Preparation

  • Determine instability of chromosomes
  • Determining health and viability of cells upon harvest
  • Cell arrest in colcemid; harveted and fixed
  • Readied for applications such as immunostaining

DNA Isolations

  • Cells are broken to extract DNA, proteins and other cellular debris is separated
  • DNA is precipitated and cleaned
  • Quality of DNA is confirmed

Cell Quality Control

  • Vital QC in the identification and counting of cells
  • Discrimination between dead and living cells
  • Cell QC is the identification and counting of the cells, including the discrimination between the dead and the living cells.

Viability Assessment

  • Measuring ATP levels, measuring the ability to reduce a substrate, and detecting enzymatic/protease activities unique to living cells.

Growth Rate Determination

  • Determining growth rate represents the dynamic behavior of the microorganisms, important for controlling your cells
  • Cellular reproduction (Mitosis)

Mycoplasma Testing

  • Routing testing including direct growth on broth/agar, specific DNA staining, PCR, ELISA, RNA labeling and enzymatic procedures to confirm mycoplasma contamination.
  • Testing every 1-2 months is important, and cells should not contain any antibiotics.

Ordering Information

Product Description
List Price
SER-001 Adherent & Suspended Cell Lines Services (5 samples) $2,543.75
SER-002 T-Cell Culture Services (5 samples) $4,143.75
SER-003 iPSC Cell Culture Services (5 samples) $8,125.00
SER-004 Whole Blood Cell Culture Services (5 samples) $2,553.75
SER-005 Health & Viability Assessment Culture Services (5 samples) $937.50
SER-006 DNA Isolation from Cell Culture (5 samples) $1,412.50
SER-007 Metaphase Preparation on Slides (5 samples) $1,125.00
SER-008 Metaphase Spread Preparation from High Res Chromosomes (5 samples) $1,196.25
SER-009 Mycoplasma Testing for Cell Culture Service (5 samples) $375
SER-010 Growth Rate Assessment $2,500

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