Pinpoint FISH™ HD Chromosome Paints

Label whole chromosomes with high intensity fluorescence. Confidently characterize chromosomal identity, copy number, and structure.

Superior Whole Chromosome Paints Offer the Best Performance for Your Priority Projects.

KromaTiD’s High-Density (HD) whole chromosome paints are crafted with the highest precision composed of synthetic oligonucleotides targeting sequences selected bioinformatically to maximize probe performance. Gain valuable insights into cell line stability and genotoxicity through reliable detection of chromosomal abnormalities, including translocations, insertions, and aneuploidy, using whole chromosome HD FISH paints. 

HD Whole Chromosome Paints Feature:

  • Ability to Multiplex
  • Higher Density Fluorescence
  • Even Oligo Distribution
  • Discover Aneuploidy and Polpoidy
  • Detect Structural Rearrangements
Chromosome 11 Painting.

Chromosome 11 painting is valuable in research endeavors aimed at understanding the structure, function, and regulation of genes located on chromosome 11.

Researchers utilize this technique to study gene expression patterns, regulatory mechanisms, and the genetic basis of complex traits and diseases that are influenced by genes on chromosome 11.

*For use in metaphase and interphase cells fixed with 3:1 MeOH:Acetic acid.

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