Subcentromere Pinpoint FISH™ Probes

Bioinformatically designed synthetic oligonucleotide probes serve to identify individual arms of the chromosome, enumerate chromosomes, and detect gross structural changes with a high signal-to-noise ratio. 

Above Fig.: Pinpoint FISH probe (green) targeting pericentric region of q-arm of chromosome 17.

Subcentromere Probes to Generate a Tailored Dataset.

Benefit from reliable probe performance with KromaTiD’s bioinformatically-designed Pinpoint FISH™ products. Use as confirmatory reference signals in your custom assay. Algorithmic screening of individual probe sequences means multiplex hybridizations  with Pinpoint FISH probes produce no off-target signals or background haze. The excellent signal-to-noise ratio of synthetic oligonucleotide probes makes analysis more efficient than ever.

  1. Identify Chromosomes Visually
  2. Enumerate Chromosomes with Arm-Specific Data
  3. Multiplex with Five Standard Color Options
  4. Research Genetic Disorders and Chromosomal Anomalies
  5. Create Custom Assays

Use Pinpoint FISH subcentromere probes as companion signals for your existing probes or to target pericentric regions specifically. Generate a dataset that will answer your project’s unique scientific questions by selecting your own color labels.

Pinpoint FISH probe (green) targeting pericentric region of q-arm of chromosome 7.

Subcep Chromosome 7 Probe.

Detection of loss of chromosome 7 is high-value data in the research of Myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative neoplasms, two types of blood disorders characterized by abnormal production of blood cells in the bone marrow.

 Pinpoint FISH probe users have the freedom to customize the color labels of all their probe products. Investigators can then, for instance, combine probes to detect aneuploidies in chromosomes like 5, 7, 8, 20 and Y simultaneously. (Patnaik and Tefferi 2016) With the freedom of Pinpoint FISH probes, data characterizing co-occurring chromosomal gains and losses can be generated efficiently and confidently.

*For use in metaphase or interphase cells  fixed with 3:1 MeOH:Acetic acid.

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