dGH in-Site Probes
dGH in-Site™ Probes

Single-stranded dGH in-Site™ probes provide critical information about gene-editing outcomes and identify the structural variants caused by genetics, disease and environmental factors. Measure all structural variations at your target loci and get on- and off- target data of your cellular engineering methods.

With dGH in-Site™ probes you can identify the sequence, location and orientation of your target loci in a single test. Directly visualize structural variants including DNA orientation, translocations and on/off-target effects.

KromaTiD specialists can help you:  

  • Combine our catalog probes into a multiplexed assay uniquely designed for you.  
  • Design a custom probe to any genomic locus including transgenes and other inserted sequences.

By freely multiplexing custom target probes with subtelomeres and subcentromeres, you can identify target loci, enumerate chromosomes and supply QC reference signals.

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Single-Cell Measurements Features and Benefits Applications
  • Inversions as small as 2kb 
  • Sequence, location, and orientation in a single test 
  • Cell and gene therapies
  • Translocations 
  • Tiled oligonucleotides with bioinformatic design 
  • Rare and inherited diseases 
  • Centromere Abnormalities
  • High signal to noise ratio 
  • Oncology
  • Chromothrypsis
  • Multiplex up to five fluors 
  • Biodosimetry
  • Loss, gain, and truncations
  • Compatible with standard fluorescence microscopes 
  • Genotoxicity







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