dGH in-Site Probes
dGH in-Site™ Probes

Measure all structural variations at your target loci and get on- and off- target data of your cellular engineering methods.

Identify the Sequence, Location and Orientation of your Target Loci in a Single Test

Single-stranded dGH in-Site™ probes provide critical information about gene-editing outcomes and identify the structural variants caused by genetics, disease and environmental factors. Directly visualize structural variants including DNA orientation, translocations and on/off-target effects.

dGH in-Site™ Probes Benefits:  

  • Combine our catalog probes into a multiplexed assay uniquely designed for you.  
  • Design a custom probe to any genomic locus including transgenes and other inserted sequences.
  • Multiplexcustom target probes with subtelomeres and subcentromeres
  • Identify target loci, enumerate chromosomes and supply QC reference signals.

Order our Probes Below:

*For use in metaphase cells fixed with 3:1 MeOH:Acetic acid.