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Non-Invasive Visualization of CAR-T and CAR-NK Cells Inside Patients

The high efficacy of some adoptive immune therapies, primarily those based on CAR-T and also CAR-NK cells is rather incredible in the face of the numerous barriers in the way to success. Creating the therapy in the first place requires a sufficient supply of [...]

June 7, 2024|Tags: , , , |

Assay Options for Putting Sequencing Data Into Context

Technologies for sequencing nucleotide molecules like DNA or RNA have exploded in diversity over recent decades. They have become more powerful in terms of accuracy and speed. They have become far cheaper as well. This has resulted in researchers being able to generate large [...]

May 31, 2024|Tags: , , , , |

Omics Meets Predictive Language Models

Predictive language models like ChatGPT are powerful artificial intelligence (AI) systems trained on extensive examples of human communication. They can generate new text based on the patterns and structures observed in the training data. Their responses to prompts from humans are contextually relevant and [...]

Bioinformatic Advancements for CRISPR-Mediated Editing at Safe-Harbor Loci

Gene editing encompasses a powerful set of tools in biological research but also entails the risk of unintended changes to the host genome. Modifying DNA can trigger functional changes at sites both near to and far from target loci, potentially disrupting genes as well [...]

May 10, 2024|Tags: , , , , |

Exploring Carbohydrate CAR-T Cell Targets

Improvements in treatment outcomes for hematological malignancies, especially for those of B-cell origin have vaulted forward thanks to chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapies. Typically, the modified T cells are engineered to seek out protein antigens, such as CD19, based on the known over-expression [...]

May 3, 2024|Tags: , |


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