Pinpoint FISH Probe
TP53/CEP17 Pinpoint FISH™ Probe

Simplify detection of p53 gene abnormalities

For labs that currently run FISH on hematological and other suspension cell samples, the TP53/CEP17 Assay Kit uses standard FISH consumables and standard FISH equipment. Probes have been tested in combination assays with BAC FISH probes.

Probe Specification
TP53, 17p13, Atto550/Spectrum Orange
17q11.1-q11.2, 6-FAM/Spectrum Green

The probe mix consists of a 500kb TP53 probe, labeled in Atto550/Spectrum Orange, that covers the whole TP53 gene and the flanking regions. The probe mix also contains a control probe targeting the 17q11.1-q11.2 region labeled in 6-FAM/Spectrum Green.

The Pinpoint FISH™ TP53/CEP 17 FISH Probe Kit is intended to detect the copy number of the LSI TP53 probe target located at 17p13 and of the 17q11.1-q11.2 locus. The CEP 17 probe is a control probe which hybridizes to the 17q11.1-q11.2 locus.

KromaTiD’s Pinpoint FISH™ TP53/CEP17 Kit is ideal for the following FISH applications:

  • Screening of hematological and other cell suspension samples
  • Testing of indications including, CLL, PLL, LPD and myeloma
  • Pinpoint FISH™ probes routinely detect targets smaller than BAC FISH probes.

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