Cell and Gene TherapyGenomic Integrity Karyotyping for Cell and Gene Therapy

Preparation and analysis using Genomic Integrity G-Band Karyotyping for Genetic Stability.

Develop and Start a Study Plan for Genomic Integrity G-band Karyotyping as a QC Method for your Cell Lines to Support your Cell Therapies.

G-Banding:  KromaTiD can perform an analysis of 100+ samples for Genomic Integrity using G-Band Karyotyping for quality control assessment of your Investigational New Drug (IND).

Karyotyping Reports: Comprehensive reports for each sample are prepared, summarizing the G-banding results and any identified chromosomal abnormalities.  Reports are provided for both the wild type and treated cells. Genomic Integrity Reports are provided of a side-by-side comparison of your cell samples for your genomic integrity assessment and IND submission.

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