Pinpoint FISH™ MD Chromosome Paints

Detect chromosomal and structural rearrangements.

Above Fig.: Whole chromosome MD paint (orange) targeting chromosome 14 in human control cell line.

Achieve Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Comparison to BAC FISH Probes.

Pinpoint FISH™ Medium-Density (MD) chromosome paint probes are manufactured from synthetic oligonucleotide DNA to deliver high-specificity binding to individual chromosomes. Benefit from the high signal-to-noise ratio of bioinformatically designed probes with KromaTiD’s MD paints. Efficiently identify chromosomes and chromosome abnormalities with confidence.

MD Features:

  • Medium Density Fluorescence
  • Targeted Oligo Distribution
  • Multiplex Capabilities
  • Available in 5 Fluorophores
  • Detect Aneuploidy and Polyploidy

Above Fig.: Whole chromosome MD paint (green) targeting chromosome X in human control cell line.

Reliable Visualization of Whole X Chromosome.

Visualizing chromosome X can be important in research focusing on mosaicism in Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome, as well as investigations of bone marrow transplant outcomes. Whole chromosome paints can also serve to detectstructural abnormalities, such as deletions, and translocations.

The important role the X chromosome plays in cellular function makes a reliable tool for its visualization valuable in any research settings studying its structure and function. KromaTiD’s whole chromosome MD paints reliably label their target chromosomes for efficient detection in metaphase spreads.

Valuable in research settings for studying the structure and function of the X chromosome. Researchers can use this technique to investigate chromosomal rearrangements, evolutionary patterns, and genetic diversity related to the X chromosome across different populations and species.

*For use in metaphase cells fixed with 3:1 MeOH:Acetic acid.

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