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Track Genomic Stability and Localize Chromosomal Rearrangements using dGH SCREEN™

October 4, 2022 11:00AM MDT

Join us for this exclusive webinar for an in-depth overview on what we believe to one of the world’s most powerful assays, dGH SCREEN™. The five-color whole genome assay is a dGH paint combination assay for all 24 human chromosomes. The assay is composed of standard design, high-density (HD) dGH chromosome paints in five color panels such that chromosomes painted in the same color can be differentiated by size, shape, and centromere position.

With dGH SCREEN™, researchers are able to track and localize a wide variety of chromosomal rearrangements within a 10kb limit of detection. In addition to being an unbiased tool for the detection of structural variants throughout the genome SCREEN™ offers High Resolution Analysis of DNA repair activity by monitoring hallmarks of genomic instability, including sister chromatid changes. This analysis produces vast amounts of rearrangement data which can be used to create stability and structural variance profiles for complex and heterogeneous cell populations, making dGH SCREEN one of the most comprehensive and robust karyographic assays available.

Hosted by KromaTiD‘s CTO Chris Tompkins, and VP of Research and Development Erin Cross | October 4, 2022 11:00AM MDT

At KromaTiD we are focused on the discovery and detection of complex genetic changes, detecting structural variations in our service laboratory or by purchasing products and doing the work in your laboratory.. Our technology, directional Genomic Hybridization™ (dGH) combines bioinformatics driven design of unique single-stranded synthetic oligonucleotide probes with strand-specific hybridization strategies, with lower limits of detection ~2kb range. KromaTiD is the only genomics approach capable of detecting DNA sequence, location, and orientation in one single test.

We provide a wide range of DNA probe products; Human Whole Chromosome paints, Centromere and Subtelomeres FISH Probes; assay services, high-quality cell culture services and Plasmid Manufacturing Services. Our guarantee is to provide you with high quality products and services at an economical price to aid your research, support your IND filing or providing quality control for your manufacturing.

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