dGH in-Site™ CAR-T Kit for TRAC & B2M loci
Longmont, CO March 27, 2023 – KromaTiD, a single-cell analysis life science tools company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of technology solutions for the cell and gene therapy market, today announced the launch of the dGH in-Site™ CAR-T Kit. This new offering will be showcased by KromaTiD at the NextGen Omics US show in Boston, Booth 24, March 30–31.
The kit enables researchers to track T cell engineering impacts on two key CAR-T cell loci, TRAC and B2M, with a level of sensitivity not achievable using any standard FISH methods. Over the past few years, many companies engaged in developing cell and gene therapies have used KromaTiD’s directional Genomic Hybridization™ (dGH™) services for both early and late-stage cellular therapeutic development. By making dGH technology available in economical kits, investigators and cytogenetic core labs in the academic sector can now bring this powerful methodology in-house, accelerating their cell and gene therapies.
“dGH technology is unique among fluorescence in-situ hybridization techniques because only the parental strand of DNA is probed.  This enables the orientation-specific detection of structural variants, such as inversions, while in the same assay detecting all the other classes of variants that can be difficult to reliably measure in a heterogenous batch of edited cells”, explains KromaTiD Chief Technology Officer, Christopher Tompkins. “This direct, single-cell visualization of structural variants can be integrated with methods such as ddPCR and NGS to understand all the outcomes of T-cell editing. Such information can be extremely valuable at all stages of a cell and gene therapy program, from research to preclinical to IND filing to QC testing of drug products.”
Chief Commercial Officer Jason Priar continues, “The launch of the dGH in-Site CAR-T Kit is just the first in a series of products planned to democratize dGH in-Site.  Our launch kit can be expanded with probes for additional edit sites and to track CARs including CD19.  KromaTiD will even include probes for single-cell mapping of a customer’s unique CAR constructs in kits for their specific use case.”
This kit launch continues KromaTiD’s efforts to productize methods and reagents used in its services business including plasmid manufacturing, genomic analysis of structural variation, clone verification, genotoxicity, biomarker discovery and genomic stability.
Dr. Tompkins will be presenting on dGH in-Site™ and the new CAR-T Kit at NextGen Omics in Boston on March 30, 10 am, in Booth 24.


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