Register below for the KromaTiD Webinar | Combining Synthetic and Evolutionary Biology Reveals DNA Therapy to Combat Cancer Chemoresistance

Drug resistance is still an ongoing challenge for successful cancer treatment. Innovative approaches to understand and counteract the mechanisms of drug resistance are needed. In a newly-published PNAS paper, “Adaptive DNA Amplification of Synthetic Gene Circuit Opens a Way to Overcome Cancer Chemoresistance”, Gábor Balázsi, Stony Brook University, lead a team using genetically engineered cell lines to create a model system that evolved Puromycin resistance to study the problem. The work presented in this publication includes successful validation in cancer cell lines, raising the possibility of a new treatment approach in combating cancer chemoresistance.

In this webinar Dr. Balázsi will

• describe the synthetic biological model system used in the study;

• detail how transcriptomics and other methods revealed the mechanisms by which DNA amplification contributed to cell line drug resistance;

• present the team’s findings on use of triplex-forming oligonucleotides to counteract this drug resistance mechanism.

KromaTiD Senior Vice President of Quality, Erin Cross, PhD, will describe the directional Genomic Hybridization (dGH™) technology used to help characterize the synthetic gene circuit amplification events.

Join us on February 13, 2024 at 10:00 AM MST for this informative event and the opportunity to ask Gábor Balázsi your questions live.

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