Register below for the KromaTiD Webinar | Next Gen Cytogenetics | Finding Hidden Clues to Health and Disease

Pioneering the field of modern cytogenetics, Dr. Susan Bailey is a Professor of Radiation and Cancer Biology at Colorado State University. As a NASA researcher and one of KromaTiD’s founders, Dr. Bailey is uniquely positioned to survey the historical development of cytogenetic techniques and how the innovation of dGH™ (directional Genomic Hybridization) and high-definition chromatid paints are changing the landscape of molecular studies and bringing new insights into human health and disease to light.

In this webinar you’ll learn how dGH™ technology is being used to uncover previously unknown genomic effects related to:

• Radiation exposure of astronauts and US WWII atomic veterans;
• Structural genomic variation in CAR-modified T cells;
• Life stress, disease risk and aging.

Joining Dr. Bailey will be Dr. Christopher Tompkins, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Research and Product Development at KromaTiD. Dr. Tompkins is leading the effort to democratize dGH technology into labs across the globe and will educate us on the power of dGH.

Live Q&A with Susan and Chris will follow the presentation.

The webinar will be available On Demand, and seating is limited.