KromaTiD Announces Launch of Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Service

Longmont, CO January 9, 2023 –KromaTiD, a supplier of unique next-level molecular tools and services, announced today that it has expanded its offerings to include plasmid DNA manufacturing.

Plasmid manufacturing is integral for the development of novel vaccines as well as cell and gene therapeutics but the high demand for this service has resulted in long wait times and considerable expense for customers. KromaTiD has recently expanded its manufacturing facilitates by adding a set of state-of-the-art plasmid production suites, dedicated to supporting regenerative medicine customers from preclinical research through clinical trials and commercial production.

“We are excited to be launching plasmid manufacturing as a new service offering here at KromaTiD,” says Chief Technology Officer Dr. Christopher Tompkins. “Our highly-skilled biomanufacturing team combined with our world-class production suites means we now have the expertise and dedicated capacity to provide high-quality, purified plasmids with fast turn-around times.

KromaTiD is offering three plasmid grades – research, transfection and low endotoxin – as well as three production modes – RUO, pre-GMP and a certifiable suite for cGMP. This diversity of offerings supports a variety of downstream applications including cloning, cell line development, viral vector production, in vitro R&D and pre-clinical studies, cGMP plasmids for Phases I, II and III, as well as DNA vaccines or as a template for mRNA. Turn-around time for research grade products is 5 to 10 days and KromaTiD provides pre-GMP deliveries at production scales matched to the requirements of customers’ gene and cell therapy programs. Pricing information for all KromaTiD products and services is conveniently provided online.

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