Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

KromaTiD’s new expanded Vector and Plasmid capacity means customizable and fast turn around for projects of any size. With quality grades from simple transfection, low endotoxin, to Pre-GMP and GMP available we can be your partner on all parts of your research and commercialization journey. Try us not only for Plasmid production but for your difficult synthesized DNA requests.

We Scale With You

we scale with you


A comprehensive, secure path for your plasmid development and testing

Key Features

  • From RUO to Commercial stage
  • Three purity grades: research, transfection and endotoxin-free
  • pDNA formats accepted: frozen glycerol stock or stabs for cultures

KromaTiD pDNA Manufacturing Supports a Variety of Applications and Scale


  • Viral Vectors (AAV, Lentivirus)
  • DNA Vaccines
  • CAR-T Cell Therapy
  • Genome Editing
  • Cloning & DNA Synthesis
  • High-Throughput Screening
  • mRNA Production
  • Transfection

pDNA Grade


Production Mode


Research 100µg-2.5mg Isolated, controlled production 5-10 days
Transfection 100µg-1g Isolated, controlled production with transfection-grade purification ≤2.5mg, 5-10 days
>2.5mg, Inquire
Low Endotoxin 100µg-1g Isolated, controlled production with low endotoxin-grade purification ≤2.5mg, 5-10 days
>2.5mg, Inquire
Pre-GMP ≥50mg Dedicated, segregated non-cGMP lab ~6 weeks
cGMP ≥50mg cGMP-certified production suites Inquire

Download Product Data Sheet for pricing and product numbers:

Plasmid Service Overview

Service Provided




Cloning, synthesis, scale-up and manufacturing
Multiple production scales
(shake flask through fermenters)
Proven manufacturing and purification processes for high yield and recovery
Standardized manufacturing platforms
Upstream and downstream process development
Production in segregated and dedicated space
Master Batch Records
Document support for IND filing;
Stability studies, product release tests
Manufacturing in cGMP suite with upgraded air handling
Complete QC monitoring throughout production process
QA oversight for production

Quality Control Methods

QC Metric


Measurement Method

A260/280 1.8–2.0 1.8–2.0
Appearance Clear Visual inspection
Concentration On request, standard is 0.25 mg/mL UV absorption
Supercoil content >80% Agarose gel
Residual RNA Not visible Agarose gel
Genomic DNA Not visible Agarose gel
Restriction digest Matches reference Enzymatic digestion and gel electrophoresis
Endotoxin assay LAL assay < 0.1 EU/µg plasmid DNA
Bioburden assay No growth Agar plate, 48 hours

Plasmid Manufacturing Pricing

Catalog Number

Product Description


List Price

KPM-001 Research-Grade up to 100ug yield 5-10 days $437.50
KPM-002 Research-Grade up to 200ug yield 5-10 days $443.10
KPM-003 Research-Grade up to 500ug yield 5-10 days $448.35
KPM-004 Research-Grade up to 1mg yield 5-10 days $458.85
KPM-005 Research-Grade up to 2.5mg yield 5-10 days $511.70
KPM-006 Research-Grade >2.5mg yield Inquire Inquire
KPM-007 Transfection-Grade up to 100ug yield 5-10 days $439.43
KPM-008 Transfection-Grade up to 200ug yield 5-10 days $457.10
KPM-009 Transfection-Grade up to 500ug yield 5-10 days $461.48
KPM-010 Transfection-Grade up to 1mg yield 5-10 days $669.10
KPM-011 Transfection-Grade up to 2.5mg yield 5-10 days $802.55
KPM-012 Transfection-Grade >2.5mg yield Inquire Inquire
KPM-013 Low Endotoxin-Grade up to 100ug yield 5-10 days $449.50
KPM-014 Low Endotoxin-Grade up to 200ug yield 5-10 days $467.25
KPM-015 Low Endotoxin-Grade up to 500ug yield 5-10 days $474.25
KPM-016 Low Endotoxin-Grade up to 1mg yield 5-10 days $735.00
KPM-017 Low Endotoxin-Grade up to 2.5mg yield 5-10 days $861.00
KPM-018 Low Endotoxin-Grade >2.5mg yield Inquire Inquire
KPM-019 Pre-GMP Grade up to 50mg yield -6weeks Inquire
KPM-020 cGMP Grade 100mg to 5g yield Inquire Inquire
KPM-021 DNA Synthesis per DNA basepair 4-8 weeks Inquire
KPM-022 Sanger Sequencing Verification 5 days Inquire
KPM-023 NGS Sequencing Verification 5 days $170.00



“I would like to let you know that the plasmid DNA we received from KromaTiD performed very well in my cell transfections. Thank you for your assistance and ongoing support!” 

Senior Scientist, Major Cell & Gene Therapy Company



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