Cytogenetic Assays for Genomic Integrity and Quality Control

From one sample, analyze your cell and gene therapy pipeline products with unique ultra-high resolution, whole genome assays. 

Only by partnering with KromaTiD can you leverage the unique combination of our single-cell cytogenetic assays for your comprehensive genotoxicity assessment and quality control testing. 
The Power of Our Analytical Package 

Working with KromaTiD you can choose from any or all of our assays including dGH in-Site™, dGH SCREEN™, Genomic Integrity G-Band Karyotyping, and digital PCR to create a customized analytical package for your cell and gene therapies.

dGH in-Site™: 

  • dGH in-Site™ provides precise, direct, single-cell visualization of genome engineering outcomes, including on- and off-target variants. You can efficiently detect and identify the broadest range of structural variants, helping you to ensure the genomic integrity of your cell and gene therapy candidates. 


  • dGH SCREEN™ is the ultimate single-cell genomic mapping tool providing an unbiased assessment of structural variants’ prevalence and location. Use dGH ultra-high-resolution karyotyping to delve deeply into genome structure and measure even the hardest to detect classes of genomic rearrangements. 

Genomic Integrity G-Band Karyotyping QC: 

  • Our Genomic Integrity G-Band Karyotyping assay provides classical insights into the structural characteristics of your samples. Our certified cytogenetic technologists perform customized analysis to support low-prevalence variant detection to profile the genomic integrity of your therapeutic pipeline samples. 

Elevating Quality Control with Digital PCR-Powered Genotoxicity Assays:

Our genomic integrity package, now empowered by digital PCR, provides the accuracy and precision needed to maintain the highest standards of product quality. Explore how we harness digital PCR to characterize your samples and track transgene insertions. 

The KromaTiD Advantage

Comprehensive Genome-Wide Structural Variation Analysis:

  • Only with KromaTiD can you comprehensively measure genome-wide structural variations. This level of insight ensures that no aspect of genetic integrity goes unnoticed.

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